Monday, January 24, 2011

Children's Museum of Art in Manhattan

Picasso's quote is on the bathroom door.  It says, "Every child is an artist--the problem is remaining an artist once we grow up."

 This is the stairwell.  It looks so delightful.

A couple of weeks ago we went to this fabulous museum in China town. It is so fun and lovely.We went on a Thursday and after school it is pay-what-you-wish (which fits very well into our budget).

The kids walked around with wide eyes looking at every single option. The entire museum is filled with tables for kids to make their own art. The night we went they had flubber (not pictured), paper folding, painting with bottles of paint, watercolor paints, beading, drawing, play dough and other exciting things.   We are definitely going to go again. 

It was very convenient to be able to sit in one room (minus the downstairs) and know that you could see all your kids at the same time if you need (I have three--I could see them most of the time or walk five feet and check on them.