Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spumoni Gardens

When in Brooklyn as the Brooklyn-ans do. . . visit the pizza/ice cream hot spot!

When visiting this place right before Hurricane Irene, we were blessed (or so we thought) to park in front right after the sanitation guys convinced us that parking there would be just ducky and we would not get a ticket. Two minutes later a meter-maid showed up and told us to move our car or. else.  So, we parked . . . in the parking lot. Seriously, I had no idea it was there, but then it was--yay! How many places in Brooklyn have parking?  Thank you Spumoni Gardens for the parking spots.

We walked right up to the window and asked what most people order. The guy there answered uninterestedly," This pizza." He pointed to the one he had sliced up in front of him. So we got two pieces.

My kidlets had to visit the loo so it took a few minutes before we could sit down and enjoy the goods.  By then the pieces of pizza felt like they'd just been pulled out of the fridge.  But we ate them.  I don't get the hype--but maybe it needs to be piping hot for the tastiness to set in-I may  need to try it again with Spumoni-lovers so I can understand their zest for the place.

 This is the kid's piece of pizza. Truth be told I think they were completely focused on the ice cream.  It looked tastier before. They told me it had too much sauce and not enough cheese. They're used to Dominoes cheese smothered pizza so this comes as no surprise.