Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Moxie Spot

Price: $2.50 per child or $5 per family for the play room, unless you purchase food--then it is free. I think the most expensive thing on the menu was $14, but most of it ranges between $4-6. 
Child Friendly Score: 9 

Stroller: I believe strollers are acceptable throughout the building, but the play area are on the second floor.

Food: tasty, child size portions--sensitive to food allergies/specifics.

 Playroom accessories: Foosball table, dress ups, stories (and a story time), posters, tools for drawing, stickers, etc.

Things to Remember: The playroom is on the second floor--up a lot of stairs. They have a heavy door that is difficult for little children to open (thankfully). Water is available on the second floor, for you to pour yourself, as well as condiments, utensils and paper napkins.  There is a bathroom on each floor. The first floor has a sitting area and some places for little children to draw, turn knobs, and watch television.

My boys loved the Foosball table and my daughter loved the artwork.

My kidlets were begging me to go back as we left and the next day.  We probably will go back.