Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring Break Botanic Garden Visit

Any time my kids are out of school I feel like throwing a huge party and inviting all the people I know with children so we can celebrate having no school.  Then my head starts calculating and I visit all the popular children's activities blogs in my area searching for the perfect activity.   There are some activities that simply must be done more than once. And one of these is undeniably visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Garden during the Cherry Blossom Festival.  It is crowded, but the blossoms are divine and you feel like you're staring at heavenly pink clouds and then you walk over past the near-dormant rose garden to the vibrant and oh-so-good-smelling lilacs--which seem to jerk memories out of my head.

Going with good friends is always the way to do it.  Snacks are required for endurance, but not permitted on the grounds (there is a playground near the Northern entrance--which is quite inviting for playing/eating purposes).  Jackets, at that time are advisable, as well as a camera, wipes, and a preface to all children not to pick the flowers.  It is also helpful for parents to remind themselves to ever vigilant of keeping children near them and not allowing them to pull on branches or such because the gardeners will notice and they remind, sometimes abruptly, all patrons to respect the plants. 
S was very gentle with the plants--she wants to be a gardener.

This place is awesome!
Sweet lilacs! Your smell makes me happy!