Monday, July 9, 2012

American Museum of Natural History

What to bring:  snacks, money for extra stuff at the store (like astronaut food), and a camera.

What to see: Everything you can--it is all amazing! My children always want to see the dinosaurs and the whale.

Extras: Try the food in the cafeteria, it's reasonably priced and pretty tasty.

Our favorite spot:  The Hall of Minerals is sometimes quiet (if you need a moment to breathe).  If you can, see the Easter Island Head, it is a great photo op. :)

To do before you go: rewatch Night at the Museum.  My kidlets loved telling me things they saw from the movie in the actual museum (though most of it has been redesigned for the storytelling part of the movie).

Little known fact:  they have a FREE toddler story time in the Discovery Room--with a theme from the museum. Afterward they take the children to see certain parts of the museum relating to the story they read.  My children adored this and they have activities in the room for children to take part in--digging for dinosaur bones; hats from different regions; etc.  Also, it is pay what you wish all the time. Thank you AMNH people!

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Spring Break Addendum

Oh the beauty of the cherry blossoms after winter; the excitement that is felt when one sees a lot of fish vying for a really weird thing they think is food; the anticipation of a picnic on green grass--when little is to be found; and the joy of being with good friends enjoying the amazing beauty to be found in Brooklyn, NY.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Come with me and you'll see into my New York City

Plans in the works:

Roosevelt Island Tram/Red bus ride/Dylan's Candy Bar
Luna Park
Met Museum--especially some exciting exhibits
The Moxie Spot
China Town (dumpling tasting)
Museum of Modern Art
Madison Square Park
Firehouse Museum
Governor's Island
FAO Schwarz
Toy's R Us Ferris Wheel
Skippy Jon Jones
NY Botanic Garden

Eek! I'm so excited. I will be posting some of the other fun things we did! :) Life is so fun when you live in the Big Apple.

I'm not going to give you the details of when we will be going where, but if you want to come or meet us some place, feel free to leave a comment (they are private and I will only publish them if you wish them to be public).


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Connecticut Sweeps Entry

New Inspiration-- Mille Fiori Favoriti.    This woman loves New York and her blog is amazing, complete with photos and words that warm my heart.