Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Queens Museum of Art

Child Friendly Score: Kidlets scored it a 9 (do not miss the children's art education area--the people there love kids and want them to come. This is with the new expansion happening). I'd score it a 5 without the education room.
Price: Free with Cool Culture Pass; suggested donation--adults $8; kids $4 (5 and under free); they also have Target free day.
Things to Remember: The highway is not well marked in this area (at least that is how it felt to me), so if you're driving just be prepared for a few wrong turns.  The museum is undergoing expansion and there are not many exhibits open--but the art education room more than makes up for it.  The museum is near many great museums and right behind it is the 1964 World's Fair globe (very photo worthy).  The art education lab hosts many family events, usually on Sundays. Check their website for more details!

The Queens Museum of Art was another inspiring museum that I have wanted to visit for a very long time.  We were almost all the way through the museum when Jane, one of the interns for the museum came to us and said, "Why don't you come into the education lab and you can do a project and take it home." 

I have never had anyone come search out my family in a museum before, usually the guards keep a raised eyebrow-ed eye and they wanted my children to explore art.  The moment my daughter stepped into the room she began talking about how dearly she loved art, which made the art educators there beam. 

They got out supplies to let the children build their own buildings--any colors and many beautiful patterns.  The Queens Museum of Art has a lot of programs for children.  Check their website because it will be fun!

The water table exhibit was a quick walk through with my brood, but they still wanted to touch the bright colors--despite the rope that surrounds it. Watch your toddlers with their fabulous climbing skills that will undoubtedly want to scale the water table and experience the bright colors on the now multi-million-dollar exhibit first hand (and foot). 

Their world's fair exhibits of the water table and the five borough map still amaze me. We found all the places that we've lived and several of the places the children know.  We missed the plane that flies in and out of La Guardia Airport--in the exhibit.  

My kidlets have been asking me if we can go back, which I hold as a great sign. They loved it!

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GR82BAMOM said...

We love that education room. So fun! Next time you're there, let us know and we'll meet up. We're just a stone's through away from there. xo